Why You Need to Wear Sunscreen All Year Round

As the weather starts to cool down, many people tend to put away their sunscreen or forget to wear it daily. However, protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays is just as important in the fall and winter months as it is in the summer. In fact, wearing sunscreen year-round should be a non-negotiable part of your daily regimen, regardless of the weather or your location.

In this blog post, we’ll explore some compelling reasons why you need to wear sunscreen all year round, the common myths about sunscreen, and some tips for finding the right sunscreen for your specific skin type.

The sun is still present on cloudy days

While you might think that you don’t need sun protection on cloudy or overcast days, the truth is that the sun’s rays can still penetrate through the clouds and cause skin damage. Research shows that up to 80% of the sun’s harmful UV rays can still reach the earth’s surface, even on cloudy days. Therefore, failing to wear sunscreen on those days can lead to skin damage and increase your risk of developing skin cancer over time.

Additionally, if you wear glasses, you can opt for prescription sunglasses to wear outside, to make sure you see clearly while your eyes are well protected from UV rays. For example, for outdoor sports, you can opt for a pair of Oakley prescription glasses with UV filters or sunglasses. There are many online eyewear retailers, such as Vision Direct, which offer a vast assortment of glasses and sunglasses for you to choose from.

Sunscreen protects against premature aging

Did you know that exposure to the sun’s UV rays can cause wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of premature aging? When your skin is exposed to the sun repeatedly over time, it can cause sunburn, and the skin cells can be damaged, leading to thinning, sagging, and the formation of wrinkles. By wearing sunscreen daily, you can drastically reduce your chances of premature aging and maintain youthful-looking skin.

Sunscreen helps prevent skin cancer

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the US, with more than 9,000 people diagnosed daily. The leading cause of skin cancer is UV radiation from the sun’s rays, a risk that can be reduced by wearing sunscreen. By applying sunscreen daily and regularly, you can significantly reduce your risk of developing skin cancer.

Sunscreen helps fade dark spots and hyperpigmentation

If you struggle with uneven skin tone, dark spots, or hyperpigmentation, sunscreen can be your best ally. Sun exposure can worsen these conditions and make them more noticeable, leading to lower self-esteem. However, by wearing broad-spectrum sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays, you can help prevent further damage and fade existing dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

How to choose the right sunscreen for your skin

There are many types of sunscreen available in the market, making it crucial to choose the right one for your skin type. For oily or acne-prone skin, look for a lightweight formula that won’t clog your pores. If you have sensitive skin, choose a mineral sunscreen with zinc oxide or titanium oxide, which can be less irritating. Regardless of your skin type, always opt for a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher for optimal protection.

The importance of pairing sunscreen with polarised sunglasses

In addition to wearing sunscreen, donning a pair of polarised sunglasses can significantly enhance your protection against the sun’s harmful rays. When sunlight reflects off surfaces such as water, snow, or roads, it can become polarised — meaning the light rays become more concentrated and potentially harmful to the eyes. Polarised sunglasses are designed to reduce the glare from these rays, protecting your eyes from strain and potential damage.

Moreover, your eyes are not the only beneficiaries of these sunglasses. The sensitive skin around your eyes, which is often overlooked in sun protection routines, gets an added layer of protection. This area is prone to signs of premature aging and sun damage due to its thinness. So, while your sunscreen acts as your primary defense, polarised sunglasses further safeguard your eyes and surrounding skin.

Elevate your style with cat eye sunglasses and designer brands

Beyond their protective properties, sunglasses can also serve as a pivotal fashion accessory. Among the myriad of styles available, cat eye sunglasses have been a timeless favorite, exuding vintage charm and elegance. Their upward sweeping design not only gives a nod to the glamour of the 50s and 60s but also offers the benefit of providing extra sun protection to the higher points of your face.

For those looking to fuse style with optimal sun defense, investing in designer sunglasses can be a worthy choice. Brands like Prada, renowned for their high-quality materials and impeccable design, offer a range of sunglasses that cater to varied tastes. Prada sunglasses, for instance, are not just a statement of luxury; they also ensure top-notch protection for your eyes, with many models featuring polarised lenses.

Marrying protection and fashion

In essence, while sunscreen is the cornerstone of skin protection, integrating other protective measures like polarised sunglasses only bolsters your defense against the sun’s UV rays. Plus, with stylish options like cat eye sunglasses or luxurious Prada sunglasses, you don’t have to compromise on fashion. The key is to blend functionality with style, ensuring that while you step out looking your best, your skin and eyes remain shielded from potential harm.